Message for Chinese New Year from Dadi Janki, Head of the Brahma Kumaris

Greetings of peace to my brothers and sisters on this most auspicious day.

This year, as we celebrate the Year of the Dragon, let us emerge from within ourselves the power, determination and excellence that are naturally ours and allow these qualities to influence our lives.

What is real power? It is the inner strength to live my life according to my values of peace, love and wisdom – no matter what – and to deal with whatever life brings with dignity, flexibility and patience. Determination enables me to go beyond any limited vision I may have of myself and to finish old habits of thinking and behaviour that make me weak. With faith, enthusiasm and courage I keep the aim of being my best self in front of me at all times. Success is then guaranteed.

Let me make time for silent reflection, so that I’m able to connect with these spiritual qualities within, which are my real wealth. As I become aware of my true self, then I’m able to experience a loving connection with the Source of Power, the Perfect One, God. The power of God’s love alone can give me the experience of my own power. It also enables me to help those around me experience theirs – and there is no greater act of charity than this.

When we bring into our lives our own innate power and our capacity for perfection, then everything will be good: we will be good, everyone else will be good and whatever happens will be good, too.

With all good wishes for a powerful and fruitful year for all.

In the remembrance of the Divine,
BK Janki


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