Journey of the soul through time

Cycle of time

The world we live in is a stage where souls descend as actors to play their roles in a vast drama. The souls put on different bodies (costumes) according to their parts. The duration of this universal-scale drama is 5,000 years, a period known in Hindi as a kalpa.

Cycle of time

There are four epochs in a kalpa – Satyug (Golden Age), Tretayug (Silver Age), Dwaparyug (Copper Age) and Kaliyug (Iron Age), each of 1,250 years. The last part of Kaliyug is known as the Confluence Age or Sangamyug, when the Iron Age ends and the Golden Age is about to dawn. The first half of this drama, comprising Satyug and Tretayug, is called Rama- Rajya, heaven or the deity world. The second half (Dwaparyug and Kaliyug) is called Ravan-Rajya, hell, or the demonic world. Rama Rajya is also known as the Day of Brahma, and Ravan Rajya as the Night of Brahma.

A human soul takes a maximum of 84 births in this drama, in male as well as female bodies, depending on the role it has to play. The number of births a soul takes in human form can be said to make up the volumes of the book of a soul’s life story during a kalpa. The years the soul spends in each birth are the chapters of this book, the months the pages and the hours the sentences narrating the ups and downs, successes and failures, health and happiness and sorrows of its life. Near the end of this drama, when human souls start enacting extremely vicious roles, the Almighty Authority, Supreme Soul Shiva, descends in the body of a man through whom He re-establishes the deity-world or heaven on Earth by imparting divine wisdom to mankind.

Through this person, who comes to be known as Prajapita Brahma, God established the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya in the year 1936. At this Godly university, the Supreme Teacher, Shiva, gives true knowledge to mankind about the self (soul), God, the relationship between the two, about the three worlds (the incorporeal world, subtle world and corporeal world), the cycle of time, the gradual degradation of human souls from divinity in Satyug, to viciousness in Kaliyug, and about the transformation of souls again to their original divine status in the Confluence Age.

Explaining the value of time in the Confluence Age, God says it is the only period when souls learn directly from Him. He gives spiritual knowledge only once in a kalpa. If this opportunity is lost by human souls, it is lost forever. God Shiva says that by following His teachings sincerely, one can acquire all divine qualities and become worthy of taking birth in heaven or the Golden Age.

To become a deity from a human, one must practise purity in thought, speech and action during the Confluence Age. As the thoughts, so will be the speech and actions. By making this effort, one can leave one’s mark in human history, written on the pages of time, for others to get the inspiration and zeal to strive to become a deity in Satyug.

by BK Vijay Bhaskar, Bhubaneswar


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