Understanding What Is Aura

The mind is the thinking energy of the soul (negative or positive). It is
the mental energy, which makes the aura (subtle body) of a person. The
soul, situated in the brain, radiates its mental energy to all the brain
centers e.g.: hypothalamus (thinking centre), limbic system (centre of
emotions and attitudes), frontal cortex (memory centre), respiratory
centre, speech centre, visual centre etc., in maximum concentration as
these centres are located near the soul. In fact the soul radiates the
mental energy to each cell of the physical body. This radiated mental
energy which exists inside the whole body is of the same shape as the
physical body, which is nothing but the aura.

Now the aura of a person can be photographed by Kirlian photography. If a
person most of the time thinks negative, the aura around him has various
shades of white light e.g.: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange,
red or can be black if there is no flow of mental energy. If a person
thinks positive most of the time then aura around him is made up of silvery
white light. Such a person is liked by all and radiates all the innate
qualities of the soul e.g.: purity, peace, love, bliss, power around him.
Other people coming in contact with him can feel the soothing effect of
these qualities. Good meditators normally have clear white auras.

Kirlian photography has been proving useful in diagnosis of disease in a
particular part of body and organ system before the disease becomes
clinically visible in the form of signs and symptoms.


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