The Benefits Of Togetherness Over Isolation

Nowadays, there are more and more people who are choosing to live alone. Perhaps the reason for that are experiences in the past of pain, peacelessness, rejection, disappointment or failure when living together, in a relationship or even more than one relationship. As a result, the preference for living alone sets inside them. Perhaps, it is their alternative search for peace, happiness and success that leads them to make this decision. Also, the belief that if you live alone, you are free and you can do what you want, when you want and without having to explain yourself to anyone. But are we, as human beings, basically by nature, meant to live together or to live alone? Each human being has the need to belong and provide that feeling to others. You can belong to a family, a group of friends, a bunch of close school or college students, some office colleagues, a club, a community, a religious group etc. The mere presence of others; the participation, communication and collaboration with others; the assistance provided to others and received from them and the sharing of positive energy with others in a group; inspires and challenges us and others immensely. The same can happen, if we are staying alone, but to a limited extent. Greater inner spiritual empowerment takes place inside those who live and work together, not those who distance themselves from others. In a group, we broaden our limits and make our heart bigger when we do things for others that we wouldn’t do for ourselves.

Each human being is a source of love for others. It is a basic human nature to love and be loved, which is not possible unless there is some kind of unity or mutual belonging. Distancing or isolating oneself implies an absence of love, neither given or shared, neither received.

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3 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Togetherness Over Isolation

  1. Elza,

    In absolute terms I have to disagree. There is no one size fits all. History is filled with people who subscribed to just the opposite of this post and that doesn’t make them unloving or misguided. The major premise here is incomplete. This kind of reasoning makes many people ‘wrong’ who need distance and time away for others to recharge, to grow themselves. Some people find the abuse many humans give off, usually unintended, wearing and just the opposite of what is proposed here. The BIG LIE … “Greater inner spiritual empowerment takes place inside those who live and work together, not those who distance themselves from others.”

    No research has ever demonstrated this statement but is a make wrong opinion supporting one point of view of the 7 billion on the planet.

    • Thank you for commenting Michael. For me personally, it is a big challenge to not be alone. It is easy for me being alone, escape from social duties. Since having two children, I am challenged to live a structured life, give to others. At the end of the week I long for a day ‘off’, just being by myself and with my computer or just music. If I don’t get up really early in the morning to fill my battery with meditation, I have nothing more to give at the end of the day then ‘leave me alone’. I have a lot of ‘hermit’ tendencies but my family gave me the opportunity to be me more.

  2. De Messr Joel says:

    It is good to live together in unity, enduring every factor or attitude that can make this task an hill-proof.

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