The Significance Of Spiritual Energy

Humans live and express themselves by means of four energy forms:

You breathe, eat and drink, and through this process you exchange atoms and molecules with the external environment and the inner environment of your body. A part of this energy will be used for growth and another part for physical movement.

The energy and power of thought. This energy has a big influence over the origin of many illnesses, so much so that it has been estimated that as many as 85% of them are psychosomatic (directly or indirectly influenced by our state of the mind) in nature. Your thoughts are also the seeds of your feelings, your mood and your attitudes.

This is related with how you feel, moody or happy, anxious or nervous. If your feelings are negative, it will end up affecting your body. Feelings of irritability, anxiety or tension can cause stomach ulcers. Along the same lines, with positive feelings you will be able to overcome any illness much more easily.

This is related to our original qualities and values. It is the energy of the soul. Our perspective of the world will depend on the state of our conscience. Spiritual energy guides and provides quality to our thoughts, and that is why it is the highest in the hierarchy.

These energies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) form a hierarchy, in which physical energy is the lowest and spiritual energy the highest. If we are able to correctly channel the spiritual energy it will influence all the others in a positive way, beginning with our conscience, our feelings, and ending with our body.

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