Simple Exercise For Experiencing Inner Peace And Compassion

Sit comfortably and relax. Now focus your attention on your breathing… let it find its own calm rhythm… gently breathe in peacefulness and breathe out any negative feelings.

Allow your mind to slow down… do not judge your thoughts as good or bad, accept them and let them go.

Now focus on your inner peace…that place that is deep within yourself… that is peaceful… where your inner compassion (kindness) and forgiveness lies… here you are patient, tolerant, generous, understanding… all these qualities are here which make up your inner compassion. Experience the feeling of compassion… and see it focused as a point… a point of light…situated at the center of your forehead.

Now raise your awareness beyond yourself… to a place of unlimited peace… see it first as a small point of light. As you move towards it, it becomes brighter… it is like an ocean of peace… a space of calm, of love, of compassion… you feel connected to that ocean of deep peace and love… it surrounds you like a shawl, it fills you up, absorbing every part of you with a comfortable warmth.

Rest in that feeling of being loved… it is like energy… a vibration… a light filling you… until you overflow…

Now, slowly you move away from the ocean – as a point of light. You still have the memory of being loved… and can reconnect at any time you want.
Gradually become aware of your body.

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