Special Message On The Festival Of Holi

Awakening With Brahma Kumaris wishes you a very Happy Holi.

Holi is the festival of colours, love and harmony.
So let’s burn the dry sticks of our weaknesses and bitter past memories.
Let’s smear each other with permanent colours of love, trust and tolerance.
Ho Li means ‘I Belong’. So let me the soul belong completely to God or the Supreme Soul.
Ho Li means past has passed. If there is anything we hold painful on our mind, let’s remind ourselves, it’s the past, it’s over.
Holy means purity and integrity in our every thought, word and action.
Let’s live the meaning of Holi not just today, but everyday. 

Positive Reflections For The Day are messages sent by the Brahma Kumaris. If you are not receiving Positive Reflections already and would like to receive it daily, from the Brahma Kumaris, please send an email to the email address awakeningwithbks@bkmail.org with – Subscribe – written in the subject.

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