Defining Success

Given below are some definitions of success: 

* Feeling yourself to be full of inner contentment and happiness, with an optimistic mental state, without fear, happy and in a good mood. Being fine, in balance and at peace with oneself.
* Finding meaning in what you do.
* Discovering what will bring you closer to your dream.
* Success is about more than just possessing; it is facing all situations, even the negative ones, transforming them into the positive and feeling yourself realized, personally and emotionally.
* Having courage to take forward what you want, in spite of what you find against it.
* Achieving in each moment the desired objectives at all levels of the inner being.  Fulfilling set objectives and adopting a positive attitude.
* Being able to be beyond noise i.e. experience silence wherever and whenever you wish to – silence being the key to all spiritual treasures.
* Remaining humble in the wake of all achievements and glory that may come your way.
* Not being afraid of failure.
* Satisfaction at work.
* In harmony with one’s inner conscience (while performing all actions).

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