Factors That Bring Us Closer To Success

Given below are some factors that bring us closer to success:

* High self-esteem.
* Constancy.
* Courage and determination.
* Integrity and honesty.
* Self-acceptance and acceptance of others.
* Believing in what you do, regardless of external factors.
* Responsibility.
* Dedication, determination and tranquility.
* Being positive in the face of adversities (negative circumstances).
* Being consistent with your values.
* Precision in decisions and choices.
* Focus.
* Performing all karmas with love and happiness.
* Giving the maximum of yourself in everything you do.
* Creativity.
* Thoughts and actions in tune with each other.
* Appreciation and blessings (good wishes) from others.
* Gratitude toward oneself and others.

Positive Reflections For The Day are messages sent by the Brahma Kumaris. If you are not receiving Positive Reflections already and would like to receive it daily, from the Brahma Kumaris, please send an email to the email address awakeningwithbks@bkmail.org with – Subscribe – written in the subject.

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