Understanding Different Types Of Actions (cont.)

We have explained negative actions (vikarmas) and neutral actions (akarmas) over the last couple of days. Today we explain:

Positive actions (sukarmas) are actions done in a state of being soul-conscious. We are aware that we are spirit and that we have the spiritual energy of peace, love and happiness inside us.   We are free from wanting anything from outside ourselves. We do not look for peace and happiness from outer conditions, as we now know and experience them, through meditation, as inner states of the soul.   We have reversed the flow of our energies from taking to giving.   Aware that we are eternal and un-destroyable souls, we are not threatened by others in any way. We can see the best in everyone and encourage their full potential and their spiritual qualities to blossom.   We are also able to move consciously into a spiritual state of our choice.   We can be powerful, joyful, insightful or full of love by choice.   We know that whatever spiritual state of being we choose, that state radiates towards others without effort.   Our thoughts, attitudes and actions are all reflections of our state of the soul.

However, it’s not that we become full of love or generous towards others because we want some positive energy in return.   If we give with the hidden desire or expectation for a return, our motive and actions are not soul-conscious.   In an enlightened state, while we know that whatever we give will return to us, we are simply giving from our heart.   It is the highest energy of the soul. There are no conditions placed.

The most significant actions carried out in a state of soul-consciousness will always bring spiritual benefit to others.   The greatest thing we can do for others is to help them to rediscover both their soul-consciousness and their link with the Supreme Soul.   We do not attempt to force spiritual knowledge and meditation on another or expect that they must accept this, but we can be instrumental in helping others to see how they can set themselves free from false beliefs and to reconnect them with the Supreme Being. This is the highest karma.

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