Experiencing Freedom In Relationships

How much are you influenced by what others think of you and how they see you? The degree to which you act on the basis of what you think others want and expect of you, allows them to have power over your inner and outer world.

Important aspects are how you think others see you, how you want them to see you and how you see yourself. The person who is not conditioned by how others see them, and doesn’t even think about how they would like to be seen, but who rather is comfortable with themselves, has a presence that generates comfort. Others feel fine around that person.

Let us learn to free ourselves from the conditionings that generate the thinking of how we want others to see us. Let us feel the freedom to let ourselves be how we want to be.

Try it and you will see that the results are amazing. That way, as you go along, you will take off the masks that you wear due to the fears of what others will say and think.

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