Tuning The Mind, Intellect And Personality

The soul, is made up of three faculties – the mind, intellect and personality (sanskars). In order to tune these to the highest degree of subtlety, precision and efficiency; we need to connect with the Supreme Soul, who is also a soul, just like us, but has a perfect mind and intellect along with perfect sanskars:

Mind – The Supreme Being or God is an embodiment of positivity – negative and waste do not find a place in his mind.

Intellect – He is also the purest living energy in the entire universe – he is the innocent Lord; a being of conscious light, who has never taken a body and thus never experienced the five vices – lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment.

Personality (sanskars) – God is the ocean of the basic virtues of the soul and of humanity – peace, love, bliss, joy, power and purity.

By this connection, gradually over a period of time, our mind, intellect and sanskars begin to become like his – mind becomes full of positivity; intellect begins to become pure and is able to take correct decisions so that right karmas are performed and sanskars become full of the virtues mentioned above.

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