Freeing Myself Of My Inner Darkness (Meditation)

Breathe deeply… Become serene and feel a sensation of peace and wellbeing inside yourself… Now have a conversation with yourself…

I sit down comfortably, like an observer in silence. I stop paying attention to everything around me: objects, people, responsibilities, places…

I centre my mind on the present moment… The serenity, the peacefulness, wrap around me… In this calm I can see the dark corners of my inner being… They are like shadows… I see the fears, the anxieties, the guilt, the bitterness, the selfishness, the unhappiness… They are weaknesses that lie in some corner of me…

I accept that there are these dark areas within me… I observe them and I realize that I am not that darkness, I am not that weakness; it is not real; it is like a shadow…

I focus now on what is real; all my energy concentrates itself in the centre of my forehead and I visualize the energy centered like a point of light… It is a star of love, of peace, of wellbeing, of contentment…

I only have to access these original qualities and allow these energies to strengthen my soul… To do so, I continue to observe with calm, with patience… I don’t allow my mind to judge or analyse what is happening to me… Everything that has happened to me forms part of the past… I have learned from my mistakes… I forgive myself… I forgive others…

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