Practical Exercises Of Self Transformation

Given below are some practical points for change through the power of meditation. If you have not started meditating yet, the practical benefits of meditation given below will perhaps inspire you to do so:

Have the powerful and determined thought, “I must change myself”.

For the next few days, write down your experiences on the following topics:

1. Write of an experience of how the power of meditation gave you mental and physical energy, so you got more work done in less the time.

2. Write of your experience of how the power of meditation enables you to churn (think) spiritual knowledge (e.g. what is shared in each day’s “Positive Reflection” or something else) deeply and change a situation.

3. From your space in silence, observe other souls in a detached way and relate that to the knowledge of this drama – the game of life i.e. every soul is playing his accurate role via the physical body. I need to remain non-judgemental. Make a special effort to remain angelic all day. Speak sweetly, and only when necessary and spread your light to all around. Write down your experience.

4. Experience how the power of meditation makes situations and problems very light. It enables me to enjoy the arts…the art of managing people, the art of leisure, of being busy etc. Write your experience.


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