Resistance is always Futile (worthless) as it only Sustains Your Suffering
Whenever anger appears inside your mind, you will notice that you are in a state of resistance, or non-acceptance, towards an event, a set of circumstance or the other person – sometimes all three. Resistance is the seed of all conflict between people. Resistance sustains the cycle of violence with others and with yourself, and it is driven by the emotions of fear and anger. This is why the first step to resolve all conflict is always acceptance. It is to accept the past is past and nothing can change it. It is to accept that other people’s behaviour cannot be controlled, because you cannot control their thoughts and decisions, and you definitely cannot control their beliefs and perceptions (ways of looking at things). Acceptance means that you are able to think calmly, see clearly, create options and make better decisions. Acceptance is the first step out of anger, out of your self-inflicted pain and suffering, and into peace.
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