Simplifying The Union With The Spiritual Parent

The easiest definition of the word yoga is union.  When you unite with someone or something, you keep thinking about that someone or something and keep visualizing the same. It is as if you experience a union with the object or the person in your mind.  In this way, there is a subtle (non-physical) communication with them which, when you meet, will turn into a form of words (physical communication).

We communicate with others mostly through physical means, but we cannot do the same with our spiritual Father and Mother – God, as He does not take a physical form.   Our communication or union has to be subtle (non-physical), through the vibrations that we radiate as souls or life energies.  There is deeply rooted belief in many – a belief that goes back to many centuries, that this union takes many births of effort to become a master at, but that’s not true, it just takes a little practice and patience. The reason why it may seem difficult, at first, is that our mind tends to be filled with thoughts, feelings and images related to other people, friends, family members with whom we have interacted or will be interacting, our workplace, the past, the future, unnecessary anxieties and many more issues.  We need to learn to drop these thought conversations with others and the creation of subtle images of other people and situations so that we can redirect our mind and vibrations to the Supreme.  This also means learning how to make our mind and intellect quiet enough, and as a result, receptive enough, to receivelisten and feel His vibrations and His thoughts, and to experience His subtle presence.  Ultimately it is an exchange of the energy of pure love between the soul and its Parent.

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