Relieving The Stress Of Subtle Inner Burdens

All of the matters, messages, ideas and feelings that you want to communicate and/or clear up with someone but you still haven’t done, mean an inner burden that you sustain. To communicate the essential, and what has meaning to people that you love and are important for you, is an act of love and care. To leave pending conversations and to postpone them means to accumulate things to say, matters to clear up and ideas to dialogue with, inside you. It means a burden that prevents you from living the present with full freedom. You have something pending.

There are people who, only on the verge of death, quickly say what they feel, to clarify matters and to communicate feelings. It seems that feeling death to be near gives them the courage to dare to open themselves and communicate that which they have wanted to say for so long but have put off.

Sometimes we feel the burden of not having expressed our feelings to a closed loved one, before he/she has died, about how grateful we are to them or/and how sorry we are for some incorrect action committed towards them. We put off the expression of the feelings until it is too late and the loved one dies. Even after a long time after that, we continue to feel the burden of the postponement within.

What might have been, and was not, can no longer be fixed. We simply have to accept how the past happened and not live with regrets that increase our inner heaviness. We have to learn from it, not put off conversations, but clear up matters as they arise and not be afraid to do so.

We must create the necessary space to share pending matters, messages, ideas and feelings with our loved ones in a safe atmosphere, protected from violence and full of respect. In that atmosphere, we can express ourselves, share and love. We have to create the atmosphere ourselves. It is our  responsibility to make the other understand that there is something important that we have to tell them.

In order to live in freedom we have to be aware of all the burdens that we have pending from the past, what things we have to fix, solve, clear up and communicate, and free ourselves from all of them.

To start with, make a list of all the pending conversations that you have. Give yourself a date that is soon and realistic in order to have these conversations. Make them happen. Don’t put them off any more.

Don’t allow your mind to keep on making excuses. Imagine that today is your last day. What is it that you have to say, communicate, and/or clarify and with who? Do it soon. Today might be your last day or the last day of the person with whom you have a pending conversation.
Living without pending conversations keeps the path clear, your conscience clear, your heart at peace and your mind light.

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One thought on “Relieving The Stress Of Subtle Inner Burdens

  1. I enjoy your writing, your blog and looking forward to a rainy day where I can just sit and read it……Therefore, the link and my congratulations I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award.

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