Characteristics Of The World Stage

There are three things that we all have in common;
awareness      – of ourselves and others
relationships   – the sharing and exchange of energy with others
creativity         – the ability to produce thoughts, ideas, concepts and feelings and express them.

The purpose of our life is nothing more than living life itself – to be self-aware (awareness), to be creative, to express ourselves to our highest potential(creativity) and to exchange the energy of love with those around us (relationships). But this cannot happen in the incorporeal, silent home of the soul (commonly called paramdham or shantidham). These characteristics of life require action, a costume (physical body) through which to express ourselves and a stage on which to act. The physical world provides the stage on which we can move, bring to life, create, relate and express all that is within us.  For each of us the possibilities are infinite.

The moment we take birth in a physical form, we are constantly doing one of three things: acting, reacting, or interacting – sometimes all three together.

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