Understanding Anger And Its Many Forms

It is easy to understand how anger is one of the greatest fires in the human mind. Anger may take the form of yelling, shouting and verbal abuse, such as threatening, accusing, demanding, giving ultimatums: ‘Do it or else!’ But anger is also seen in the irritation when we do not speak: it is that silent smoldering (burning) where we emit fumes and fires of stored resentments (anger) and hatred, which effectively cuts real communication with others and ultimately ruins relationships. We get angry because we expect a certain type of behavior from someone and when the behavior is not according to our expectations we become violent, convincing ourselves that others deserve to be punished. However, this result is an unresolved violence, which keeps emerging according to time and circumstance. Angry people feel too self-justified to even think about forgiveness, or letting go, in order make a person or situation peaceful – they are too attached to fact that they are right and the other is wrong.
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