The Principle Of Focus and Flow

If we look at the sun and the earth, we appreciate a basic and fundamental law of life, which we as human beings can learn from, that is of great help in the right movement of life. By means of light, the sun gives life to the earth; in addition, the sun is fixed in its position (a symbol of “focus”) to enable the earth (a symbol of “flow”) and all the other planets of our solar system to continue in their rhythmic, harmonious orbit. Otherwise, there would be chaos, upheaval and great damage. The earth on the other hand, constantly moves in repetitive cycles around the sun. This movement allows for changes and expression on the earth, which have a beginning, middle and end. In other words, the phenomenon of time is created as a direct result of the earth’s balanced and harmonious cyclic movements.  Both the fixed position of the sun and the movement of the earth are necessary for life. The earth has all the potential for life but, without light from a fixed source, there would be no life.  In the same way, the sun has the power to give life, but if the moving earth did not hold the potential, even with light, there would be no sustenance of life. This fundamental principle of focus and flow involving the sun and the earth can be applied to real life also.

In certain situations and moments we need focus (like the sun), that is, a concentration of thought, will power and understanding.  These three need to be together in one focused point if we are to reach depth and newness.  However, if we become over-focused, then rigidity and pressure gradually set in. This subsequently leads to an imbalance that makes us lose our creativity and openness to new vision. Once we have learnt to focus, then it will require less effort and, eventually, the flow (like the earth) will become natural. In focus, we find vision, inspiration and understanding, and in the flow, we find expression, experimentation and experience. It is important not to over-flow, otherwise we get lost in a flood of over-thinking, over-speaking and over-doing. In such a state, there is no direction to guide the expression and things become unclear and delicate. At such a point, we need to recognize that it is time for focus again. According to necessity, a human being needs to move between focus and flow and it is only through the ability to discriminate, that we can know when and how to do this. Everything has its time. We are eternal beings working in time, so we need to know the balance between focus – where we find truth and purpose – and the flow of time – where we find expression and experience.



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