Seeing Yourself In A Positive Light

Sit down in silence, relax, breathe deeply and create a space within you… Now feel yourself looking at your inner being, with your third eye, in a different light…  Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, failures, what you lack inside, what is lacking in your life, look out for what beautiful treasures, your qualities, specialties, talents, etc. you have inside you, look at the positive aspects of your life and bring them into your conscious awareness… Becoming ‘self-aware’ in this way, realize, you have so much to offer, so much to give to others…

Now, create a beautiful image of yourself where you see yourself as free… free of negative feelings for yourself and others, with a pure heart and a peaceful mind… Feel and see your inner greatness, discover that you are special and unique…  Come back to being your own friend… Love yourself, accept yourself and respect yourself… Appreciate and value the qualities of others…

Feel fine being yourself, in that space, in that room that there is within you, where you are secure and safe, where you can enjoy the marvelous thing that is your own company, the company of a positive being…

Be awake and full of life… you are happy… at peace… feeling peace… sharing peace… feeling free… Having seen yourself in a positive light, prepare yourself to enter into action, maintaining your stage of self-esteem…


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