The Invitation of Jealousy

When the soul gets jealous of another persons success or happiness, it is frequently an invitation for them to step trough a doorway into life of new potential. Often times, jealousy is not about the other person, but there’s a quality I am seeing in them that I also have the capacity for. The soul is seeing some happiness, some success, some dedication, some discipline and recognizes that on some level it wants that, but hasn’t cultivated it. When we are jealous of someone, often we are seeing a reflection of our own potential.

Take a moment right now, to slow down your breath, breath nice and deeply, center yourself deep inside in the awareness of being spirit beyond form, beyond matter, deep and silent in a thoughtless space… allow your mind to clear and become quiet and calm. Having cleared your mind, we are going to do a small reflection. Think of someone that you have been jealous of in the past or that you are jealous of in the present.

What is the quality you see in them that you want. Is it authenticity, is it dedication, is it determination, is it creativity, freedom. What is the quality you see in them. And as you think about the potential that you envy in them, can you also see right now that you also have that potential and they are reminding you that potential wants to be awakened. Take time to just reflect on that.

When we are being truly ourselves and when we are being authentic, when we are expressing the gifts of the soul, we feel content, and we love being who we are and have no desire to be anyone else. That’s one of the signs that we are truly being our higher spiritual self in the world. If we are feeling jealousy it means there is a part of our potential that is not cultivated.

Allow yourself to contemplate. What can you do daily to cultivate that quality that they have. You don’t need a master plan. You don’t even need to know the big picture. You can only begin moment by moment, day by day to cultivate that within your self. What can you do beginning now….

Take a moment now to imagine that you already in that space of being fully blossomed. Imagine what your life would feel like with more adventure, imagine the joy of being the life that you’d feel, the inspiration. Imagine yourself taking more risks. Willing to be bad at something before you get good. Willing to let go of other peoples opinions. Spend more time in silent soul space. That nurtures heals and strengthens you.

What would your life feel like if you are fully expressing your potential. There are only so many moments and so many days of your precious life. Jealousy is an invitation to make the most of those days. The pass through a new doorway. To begin to feel more alive, to begin to express more of who you are. To let your gifts out in the world so that life becomes a dance, an adventure, rather then something you are just passing through.

Jealousy is a grand invitation. And it is up to you to respond. 



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