Understanding The Identity Of The Supreme Being

It’s not too difficult to understand that out of all the billions of souls, there is One who could be designated as the Supreme (God), because of His perfect love, total truth and absolute beauty. It is reasonable to accept that such an unlimited being is never born from a mother’s womb nor undergoes the experience of death. He never passes through the stages of growing up nor gets involved in specific relationships with individuals. Just as every human soul has a mind, intellect and a specific set of ‘sanskars’ that determine each one’s individuality, the Supreme would also be made up of these three energies – each functioning at their most perfect levels. Because He remains beyond the play of things in the physical world, the power and sharpness of these basic capabilities never decrease. His original qualities are neither lost nor reduced. Before coming here from the soul world, we also had qualities similar to those of the Supreme but not to the same unlimited extent.

If we identify ourselves totally with the physical body, the idea that God created human beings in His image may have led us to believe that the human form is God’s image. Perhaps that is how we created the figure of an old white-bearded man (as God) sitting up in the heavens, controlling, rewarding and punishing humans as well as nature as He found fit. The contradiction is that such a God appears to have been created in our image, with both our best virtues and our worst defects.

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