Spiritual Vision

In a state of high self-regard, the awareness of oneself as a spiritual being or soul performing pure action, brings the awareness that other beings are also souls performing actions through their bodies. When there is this vision or drishti; this way of seeing another person as a spiritual being, when the attitude of soul-to-soul is maintained, then there is true communication and pure interaction and the desired state of peace, and purity occurs automatically. If you achieve a state in which you are naturally peaceful, pure and happy by being soul conscious, you can be sitting anywhere and, because the thought vibrations radiating from you, the soul, are of such high quality, other beings are necessarily receiving your positive energy.

Positive Reflections For The Day are messages sent by the Brahma Kumaris. If you are not receiving Positive Reflections already and would like to receive it daily, from the Brahma Kumaris, please send an email to the email address awakeningwithbks@bkmail.org with – Subscribe – written in the subject.


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