Universal Concepts About God

There are some universally accepted characteristics of God:

* He is the creator and the one who sustains and takes care of the entire world population.
* He is the Highest of Highest.
* He is the Supreme Father.
* He is non-physical.
* He is omnipotent (one with unlimited power).
* He is a living being.
* He is all-loving and possesses complete knowledge.
* He is unchangeable.
* He is one and He is light.
* He is perfect in values and morals.
* He is absolutely just.
* He is the Supreme Benefactor (the one who brings benefit to everyone).
* He is the savior of souls.
* He is the purifier.
* He is mysterious in His ways.

Even in those religions that believe in and worship many Gods, there is one God who stands above the others. Then there are other faiths who believe God to be one single Supreme Being. Traditions, sacred texts, monuments, sayings and rituals all over the world, point to the existence of and belief in one knowledgeful, all-powerful and merciful being or soul. That being is universally called out to and recognized as the remover of sorrow, the giver of happiness and the savior of the ‘sinful’.

Just as a candle flame emerges from a point source and assumes an oval form, mystics and saints throughout the passage of time have had visions of God as a point of self-luminous light with an oval aura.

Most religions have images, idols or memorials, having one name or the other to represent God as light or as an oval shape.

Throughout India there are statues of an oval-shaped image. They are called Shivalingas, and are thought to represent the Creator Himself. The names of the temples of Shiva confirm this: Somnath, the Lord of Nectar; Vishwanath, The Lord of the Universe; Mukteshwara, the Lord of Liberation, etc..

In the Old Testament of the Bible, it is mentioned that Moses had a vision of light as a “burning” bush in the desert. Jesus also referred to God as light. In some Christian ceremonies, during the ceremonies, an ostensorio is held up. The ostensorio is a golden ball with many rays radiating from it. Perhaps this is a symbolic representation of God.

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism called Him Ek Omkar, Nirakar, the one non-physical (bodiless) being or soul.

According to Islamic legend, when Adam left paradise he came to a low hill upon which he saw a shining white oval stone. Around this stone he circled seven times praising God. He then built the Kaaba. By the time of Abraham it needed to be rebuilt as a temple to honour the one God. The town of Mecca grew around this spot. This oval stone, later called Sang-e-aswad and now blackened by the kisses of millions of sinners, so they say, is the only object of worship in the whole of Islam.

The Zoroastrians worship God as fire (Indian Zoroastrians are called Parsis).

The ancient Egyptians worshiped the sun as God.

A Buddhist sect in Japan focuses the mind on a small oval shape. They call it Karni, the Peace-giver.

The Jews have the Menorah (a candlestick or holder for many candles together) which when lit is a memory of the form of God as light.

It seems therefore that human beings, without realizing, have all been worshipping and trying to discover the same God. There is only one God and His form is light. If union between the soul and the Supreme Soul is to take place, it can only be possible if there is knowledge and experience of that form.

On the basis of our (soul and the Supreme Soul) similarities of form and place of residence, I learn from God of my own original sanskars of peace, purity, love, knowledge, power and bliss. As I tune my thoughts to Him, His influence fills these original qualities in me. He is the perfect and infinite fountain, indeed the ocean, of these qualities. His superiority lies in the depth, clarity and continuity of His divine sanskars. Whilst human souls fluctuate between peace and peacelessness; love and hatred; knowledge and ignorance; sorrow and joy, God is ever constant and above and beyond these fluctuations.

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