Overcoming Phobias (Fears) Through Meditation

A phobia is an intense (excessive), continuous and illogical fear of an object, situation, activity, person or animal that’s generally considered harmless. Accompanying the fear is an excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid what you fear. When facing the object of his/her phobia, the person may experience negative feelings like excessive sweating, poor control of nerves, difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, anxiety (worry), etc. In some cases, the avoidance or distress (anxiety) in the feared situation interferes significantly with the person’s daily routine, social activities, relationships etc.

By practicing Rajyoga meditation regularly, a person suffering from any type of phobia, can erase (remove) negative thought patterns, which are the main cause of all phobias. It enables him/her to reprogramme his/her flow of mental tendencies.

To overcome any phobia, read over silently and visualize the following positive thoughts:

I am a soul, an eternal, immortal and indestructible (which cannot be destroyed) point of life energy……..
Sitting on my throne in the centre of the forehead, I the ruler, perform actions through my body……..
I have incarnated (entered) in this physical body from shantidham, my incorporeal (non-physical) home, original home of light……..
I am an actor on the huge world drama stage……..
All the other souls are actors too, each acting a unique role through its own individual body-costume……..
This spiritual knowledge makes me detached and fearless……..
Unimportant scenes of the drama that would have previously brought about fear in me no longer affect me……..

Through Rajyoga meditation, the soul can experience all relationships with the Supreme Soul in its day-to-day life. I continue –

I experience receiving powerful vibrations of spiritual might from the Supreme Being……..
I fill my mind with thoughts of courage……..
When the Almighty is my Father, my Mother, my Companion, my Guide, no one can be my enemy……..
Nothing can harm me in any way……..
Fear is wasted energy, it has no power in my life……..
Now I am becoming a bold person and I am capable of facing all fearful situations with increased self-confidence ……..

At the end of the meditation practice, for a few minutes, the patient should create a picture of the fearful situation in his mind, while at the same time learning to relax. This will help him to decrease the anxiety (worry) when he faces the real life situation and he will be able to completely overcome (face) the specific fears.

Positive Reflections For The Day are messages sent by the Brahma Kumaris. If you are not receiving Positive Reflections already and would like to receive it daily, from the Brahma Kumaris, please send an email to the email address awakeningwithbks@bkmail.org with – Subscribe – written in the subject.


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