Imagine you are walking along a crowded platform in a train station.

You know that where you want to go to is the other end of the platform where your train is waiting. You don’t stop and talk to anyone on the way. If you did you would be delayed. You would fail to arrive at your train if you interacted with everyone on a platform that is continuously filled with new people. Meditation is exactly like this. Just as you cannot empty the platform of people just because you have a train to catch, you cannot just empty your mind of all thoughts just because you want to get to the destination (goal) or seat of your inner peace. Not at least until you are able to practise meditation correctly.

Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are not your memories, you are not any of the voices in your head. You are the creator and they your creation, but they are not you. In fact they represent a platform of absolute strangers.

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Warm Regards,
Awakening With Brahma Kumaris


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