The Journey Of Time

There are two laws governing the journey of time in this world.

* Firstly, the movement of time is cyclic i.e. without a beginning or an end. It is not linear i.e. a straight line with a beginning and an end, and

* Secondly, everything new undergoes degradation and becomes old at some point of time.

These two laws help us to understand the journey of time and why the world is in its present state.

We use time to attempt to measure change. One day is measured by the time taken by the earth to rotate around its axis. One day is our basic unit of measurement of time. One year is measured by the time taken by the earth to revolve around the sun. So the movement of time in our physical world is always cyclical. The cycle of the day, from dawn to daylight to dusk to night, is a movement that repeats with absolute constancy. A larger cycle is that of the seasons – from spring to summer to autumn to winter – which also repeat in the same way. When we become a detached observer and look at the ‘big picture’ of human history, we see an even larger cycle, the eternal world cycle of time – a cycle that moves from the day of humanity (where everything is positive on a physical as well as spiritual level) to the night of humanity and then back to the day of humanity to repeat again. But to believe and understand that picture completely, we first need to understand the second law of time and also connect it with the first law.

We also see in nature that everything new becomes old. Nothing ever starts old and becomes new. All material possessions including the human body, all political movements, religious movements, different philosophies etc. move from a state of newness to a state of oldness or decay. This is on a micro level. When we apply this principle and process on a macro level to the world as a whole, we can then easily understand why we live in an ‘old world’ – a world with scientific progress but overused, misused, tired and where many sectors are simply worn out. This process is sometimes known as entropy. The Law of Entropy states that a closed system moves from order to disorder or chaos, when the energy inside it reduces because it is not renewed or re-energized from a source outside that system. On a physical level, the sun sustains and re-energizes the systems of nature on the physical Earth every day. But in the recent past our exploitation of the world has started to become faster than the world’s ability to renew or re-energize. We now use the trapped energy in our physical world much faster than the sun can replace it.

When the Law of Entropy is applied to spiritual energy, our virtues, to the quality our thoughts, words and actions, we can perhaps begin to see why, as individuals, we feel tired and old in virtues, irrespective of whether we are young or old physically. We can also understand why we succumb to negative thoughts, words and actions more easily than being influenced by the positive. In fact, the entropy of our virtues i.e. the spiritual entropy has followed the same pattern as the entropy of the physical world or the physical entropy (explained yesterday) i.e. the spiritual energy or the energy of the virtues of the world has been reducing (as the world has become older and older) because it has not been renewed or re-energized from a source outside the system. When we accept this movement from new to old, we understand the journey of time in a completely different way.

As we look backwards into the journey of time, we find that although there have been very important scientific discoveries and global communication has improved immensely, which have all contributed to the give everyone an illusion of progress, everyone accepts that we are not enjoying healthier, more loving and peaceful relationships with ourselves, each other or the planet Earth. The reason for this is understood easily by applying the second law of time i.e. everything new becomes old. At the present moment, the source from outside the world system (on a spiritual level) which is required to re-energize it and restore it to its original new stage is the Supreme Soul or God or the Spiritual Sun, who is an ocean of spiritual energy and divine values or virtues. In meditation we, as living beings, who are part of the world system, can absorb this energy or divinity from him and contribute to this process.

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