The Subtle Forms Of Fear

One result of being afraid is doubt. When a person is lost in a sea of doubts, they cannot believe in the solutions and answers that come to mind, they are not even willing to try them and experiment with them to see if they work.

Doubts can go to the extreme of creating such uncertainty and insecurity that the person suffers mental paralysis or emotional seizure. Then, they can enter a state of panic and become paralyzed to the point of not finding the initiative to be positive. The mind is filled with questions related to How? What? Why?

These questions are not asked in order to find answers but to prolong the doubts, or to remain on the defensive, or in a state of lack of commitment, where the person really does not want to listen or know.

Asking with the objective of being informed is different from doubt.

When someone wants to be informed, they ask constructive questions with an openness to learn and willingness to experiment. When there is fear, expressed in the form of doubts, jealousy, secretiveness or a competitive attitude, there is no willingness to learn. At the heart of all this is the fear of loss, whether it be of a person, position, possession or one’s own image. Fears cause dependence, expectations, and conflict with oneself or with others.

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