The Triangle Of Spiritual Energy

Harmony within the self and with others is based on the accuracy of three aspects of remembrance: the ability to disconnect, connect and reconnect.

When I disconnect my thoughts from outside influences, stepping back from actions and words, then I can go into silence and connect with the self. To plug into the self, l use the thought: * Om Shanti or * I am a peaceful soul. This thought is the current that activates my eternal resource of peace and the qualities that emanate from this peace. The first step in meditation is always to connect with the self: what we call the inward step.

The next step in meditation is vertical, where, within one second, my concentrated thought connects my mind with the Supreme Source of Peace.

Silence and love give the mind wings to break the pull of gravity and to fly and unite with the One, who is the purest point of energy in the universe. This vertical connection from the point of the self, the soul, to the point of the universe, the Supreme Soul, gives the mind fresh new energy. This fresh energy is divine spiritual power and cannot be found in, or taken from, a human being. Therefore, if I wish to recharge myself, to rediscover and restore the original balance and harmony within myself, the second movement made by my mind must be vertical.

Today, when human beings seek love, meaning and purpose, they first connect horizontally (with others) rather than vertically (with the Supreme Source). This leads to a greater loss of energy and eventually dissatisfaction and emptiness. The vertical connection liberates the self from becoming dependent on someone else and from having too many expectations.

After the vertical connection, there can then be the horizontal connection with others, that is, with the outside or external.

The horizontal movement can be called reconnection. When we have taken the first two steps (first inwards i.e. connection with the self and then upwards i.e. connection with the Supreme), we reconnect with others on the basis of openness and sharing, rather than selfishness and need. At this point, there are real relationships that are respectful and balanced, rather than a relationship of wanting, taking, or exploiting. We have come to understand that when we are well with ourselves, we will be well with others.

If I am only connected inwards, there is a great danger of arrogance and being lost in only myself. If I am only connected to the Supreme Source with little reference to myself, or others, there is the danger of becoming rigid, fanatical and unrealistic. If I am over-focused on others and on my relationships with others, thinking I will receive my happiness and sense of purpose from them, then a dependence is created, which results in conflict and disappointment.

When I do reconnect with the outside world, it can only be done effectively from the point of advantage of connection with the self and with the Supreme Source.

This three-point connection can be depicted in the form of a triangle with the self as a point (A), then the vertical movement upward to the Supreme Point (A to B), then the horizontal connection to others (A to C). Others need to have their own independent and personal connection with the Supreme Point to revitalize and renew their own consciousness (C to B). In this way, the triangle of harmonious energy (ABC) becomes complete.

In the triangle of harmonious energy, all three points (the self, the Supreme and others) need to be equidistant – not too much one way or the other. The equidistant triangle in ancient mathematics was the symbol of harmony. Harmony, peace, order and balance is what is natural in human life and if we wish to return to that condition, we need to realize the importance of equidistant relationships. It requires constant attention to keep the three points in balance and in working order. Otherwise, when we get over-focused on any one of the three, we become inflexible. This inflexibility causes us to go out of balance and the result is disharmony and disunity, which can also be called violence, an unnatural condition, or even hell when it reaches an extreme point.

In order to maintain a balance between the three, I need silence: times of introspection when I can check the flow of three of my relationships – with the self, Supreme Source and others. This checking mechanism protects, sustains and develops the qualities of these three points.

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