Message for Chinese New Year from Dadi Janki, Head of the Brahma Kumaris

Greetings of peace to my brothers and sisters on this most auspicious day.

This year, as we celebrate the Year of the Dragon, let us emerge from within ourselves the power, determination and excellence that are naturally ours and allow these qualities to influence our lives.

What is real power? It is the inner strength to live my life according to my values of peace, love and wisdom – no matter what – and to deal with whatever life brings with dignity, flexibility and patience. Determination enables me to go beyond any limited vision I may have of myself and to finish old habits of thinking and behaviour that make me weak. With faith, enthusiasm and courage I keep the aim of being my best self in front of me at all times. Success is then guaranteed.

Let me make time for silent reflection, so that I’m able to connect with these spiritual qualities within, which are my real wealth. As I become aware of my true self, then I’m able to experience a loving connection with the Source of Power, the Perfect One, God. The power of God’s love alone can give me the experience of my own power. It also enables me to help those around me experience theirs – and there is no greater act of charity than this.

When we bring into our lives our own innate power and our capacity for perfection, then everything will be good: we will be good, everyone else will be good and whatever happens will be good, too.

With all good wishes for a powerful and fruitful year for all.

In the remembrance of the Divine,
BK Janki

Develop love for myself

Dear Friends

Om shanti. When I experience internal peace and power then I develop love for myself. Human beings always think that others should love them. However, as we develop inner peace and power, we realize that we don’t need anyone else’s love.

When I free myself from seeking anything externally then I become truly free. In order to really become good, I have to be able to love myself. Never become tired of loving the self. When I love and respect myself then I can offer love and respect to others.

With love,
BK Janki

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Ego and attachment – message from Dadi Janki

Dear Friends,

Om shanti. Some people don’t understand that to be truly spiritual is to be sensible. A sign of a sensible soul is to finish ego and attachment. Ego and attachment are very dangerous. When you become free from these, you will be truly happy, and you will be able to dance.

When we receive something good, we want to share it with others. If there is ego and attachment, then no matter what I am doing, I won’t experience happiness. If there is jealousy, I won’t want others to be happy, and I won’t be able to help those who are unhappy.

What is the point of having jealousy? I just have to perform the right actions to receive the return of those actions. If someone is jealous of me, I would be happy to offer them whatever I have that they are jealous of.

Perform good actions, and when others see you performing these good actions, they will be inspired to do the same.

With love,
BK Janki

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Transformation takes place through realisation

Dadi Janki – 11th January 2012 – GCH, London

Transformation happens when there is realisation. Transformation happens deep inside. Two things block realisation: the ego of I and the attachment of mine. Sometimes attachment is very subtle. Attachment causes a great deal of sorrow for many. Because of ego there is the desire of ‘I want to do’… and the desire for people to notice: ‘Look at what I can do’… Laziness and carelessness lead people to make excuses for many things. When it comes to doing something you want to do you will create the time, but when it comes to doing something good there are excuses and some say that they need to check their diaries. Then there is jealousy where you can’t stand to see others happy. There are four things we shouldn’t do: tell lies, cheat, steal and defame others. Remember that when the soul is true it dances. You will experience a great deal of power within when you become true.

Renounce these things and you will feel good immediately. Before I can become a divine being I have to become very clean. I have to renounce telling lies, cheating, stealing and defaming others. Leave these four things and imbibe cleanliness, honesty and simplicity. It is not only within that there needs to be cleanliness. There needs to be cleanliness in the place I live also. In truth all fear disappears and thus there is strength. When I become true I will feel that no-one is my enemy and my actions will become good. Who are my security guards in life? Elevated thoughts and
determined thoughts.

I am alone in this world. I came alone – totally free. Who am I and who is mine? The answers to these questions are vital to our lives. No-one here is Sindhi, Gujarati, Punjabi… we don’t have to think of our nationality or our language.  All physical things are perishable – they cannot stay with me permanently. If you make God yours, you will have no worries. You will have a constant and true companion. MakeGod your friend and you will feel you have no enemies. Everyone will become your friend. Make God yours and you will feel that everything is being taken care of and that you are never alone. You will never experience sorrow. Love and happiness are the treasures of the soul. Take God’s true love and you will feel love for yourself. You will then be able to give love to everyone. There is no nourishment like the nourishment of happiness. Why should I experience sorrow, worry and fear in my life? If you want to experience God’s help then have courage and keep faith in God. Have courage, faith and trust and perform actions on the basis of these qualities. That One is my boss. All I have to do is to make that Lord pleased with me. Honesty is what pleases the Lord.

The greatest donation is the donation of virtue but I can only donate virtues if I have them in myself. The effort I have to make now is to finish all weaknesses and become all virtuous. God makes us into the removers of sorrow and the bestowers of peace. If someone feels peace through you
then they will also feel love for you. I have to be so full of virtues that when someone comes to me they pick up virtues and leave their weaknesses. Good wishes for others work wonders. Keep good wishes for others and you give them the chance to change. With good wishes the impossible
becomes possible. To make the impossible possible faith is required. Courage, faith and pure feelings not only increase my own enthusiasm and intoxication but they also help others a great deal.

If you want to experience God’s blessings then it is necessary to become obedient. I have to become His worthy child – then I can receive His blessings. Pay attention not just to not performing wrong actions but not even to having a wrong thought. There are some souls who will test us. However, I have to keep having good wishes and pure thoughts for everyone. These will definitely work one day. I have to become an incarnation of compassion, mercy and love for all souls. Some day their eyes will open and they will see the light. Now ask yourself: what is the purpose of my life? How am I benefiting myself and others in this world? Is my life for sleeping, eating and drinking or is it for something more? Stop saying ‘how’ and say ‘now’!