Important Understandings On Reincarnation

1. The soul has a separate identity from any of the bodies it adopts.

2. The various lives or births of a soul are like different episodes of a television serial, all different, yet connected with each other.

3. The human soul does not take a birth/body of any animal species, just as a lemon seed does not grow into a mango tree. The human soul always takes a human body e.g. if the soul of a cow was to take the birth of a human, wouldn’t it carry sanskars of performing all actions like a cow into its human birth – how would it then function through the human body.

4. The cycle of action and reaction is never-ending. The soul must continue to play its entire role until all it has received the fruits for all its actions. This may require more than one body.

5. Each time a soul leaves an old body and takes a new birth, it carries its sanskars (habits, character treats) from the old birth into the new one. Other sanskars that can be present in the new body (apart from the ones from the previous birth) are:
sanskars from parents
sanskars accumulated during the new birth e.g. from siblings (brothers or sisters) or from friends, also those picked up during education and more
sanskars of will power (the ability to bring about changes in the self using will power)
original sanskars of peace, love, purity, bliss, joy and power (the ones that were present in the soul when it first came down from the soul world into the physical world to play its part)

Out of these five types of sanskars, in each soul, the sanskars that are visible at different stages of life are varied e.g. in some soul, sanskars may be completely different from the ones the parents possess, because the sanskars from the previous birth are more visible; in another soul, sanskars of will power may be intense, the soul may have brought about a lot of transformation in its personality since the time it was born; in a third soul sanskars from parents and friends may be most visible; in another soul, practicing meditation, original sanskars may be more visible, etc.

6. The world’s population is increasing at such a rapid rate, indicating that the souls already here are taking rebirth and also that there are new ones coming down continuously from the soul world.

7. If one believed that one will receive the fruit of one’s actions, if not in this birth, but in another one, a person would surely feel less inclined to perform negative actions.

8. Without reincarnation, it is impossible to explain how every soul has reached its present peaceless state. Thousands of sins have been performed by each soul in its past births under the influence of the five vices – lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. Due to this, sanskars of those vices have accumulated over the soul. The burden of these sanskars weighs heavily on the soul and causes it unhappiness in the present. The present cycle of birth and rebirth is fast approaching its end. It is precisely at this time that the Supreme Soul can relieve us from this burden.

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