Meditation On Self-Forgiveness


Sit comfortably and relax. Recall the feelings associated with some mistake or mistakes you have made in the past. Connect with any feelings of hatred and revenge; connect with any feelings of guilt and how you felt you had let others and yourself down; the shame and the humiliation you may have felt…

Now ask yourself:
‘What good is it doing me or others by holding onto these feelings…?
What benefits does it bring me? How does it help me, or the other people affected…?’ (pause for 30 seconds).

Now, say the following to yourself inside your mind:
‘I decide that I have held onto these feelings long enough and it is time to let them go… This is a matter of reason as they no longer serve me, and a matter of my will at a deep level to release them… I feel all these negative feelings and let them go… I release them… let them go…’

Now, unconditionally, forgive yourself… you have made a mistake… you have learned from that mistake… there is nothing to be gained from having feelings of guilt or shame… let them go… forgive yourself… forgive everyone else who may have contributed… it is time to let it go…

Now focus on your true self – a divine being of spiritual energy situated at the center of the forehead… focus on your inner feelings of peace… Think of and feel your inner qualities of honesty, tolerance, kindness and generosity. Focus on them, as this is who you truly are… a peaceful, compassionate, forgiving being of spiritual light… radiating these qualities to the world…

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