Overcoming Sorrow By Regaining My Original Texture Of Purity

Unless the soul regains its original sanskars of purity, it cannot escape suffering and grief. Purity is the foundation of peace and bliss. And for purity the soul requires the removal of every trace of negativity. Souls are burdened with the accumulated negative sanskars of their previous births, the extent of which varies from soul to soul. According to the law of karma, the soul has to experience suffering as a result of its wrongful acts. A pure soul does not suffer. The evidence that most human beings are bearing sorrow in some form or the other shows that nowadays souls are carrying a load of negative sanskars resulting from wrong actions committed in this and their past lives.

A question can be asked, “Can a soul be relieved of all its past negative actions through suffering for the same in its present life?” Not really, because due to the cyclic nature of the thought process there is a cumulative effect of negative sanskars which forces the soul to perform more negative actions than it can clear through suffering. That is why the degrees of purity of the soul decrease continuously. The downfall becomes steeper due to the cumulative effect of vices. Negative sanskars give rise to negative thoughts which lead to negative actions, resulting in the formation of still more negative sanskars. Thus, souls are caught in a downward spiral from which they are unable to release themselves. Meditation, however, opens the door to God, and through rising above all physical laws, one can set oneself free from the effects of all wrong actions. Through connection with the purest Supreme Soul, the sanskars of the soul are automatically purified and it moves further towards its original state of purity, peace and bliss.

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